5 reasons to quit overthinking.

You’d think overthinking happens only when there’s a lot to think about. But for some, it’s thinking about everything, all the time. A busy minds recycles everything going on and it turns into a toxic cycle of baggage that is only producing unhealthy feelings and useless outcomes. Nobody deserves that much of trouble. 

Here’s why you should put a stop to it, immediately. 

1. Havoc hurts the head

When you’re overthinking, there are a million thoughts on repeat in your head and you’re obsessing over unnecessary details that quickly take up space in your head and make it a very unhealthy and uncomfortable place. And you carry that with you. Everywhere. Talk about a heavy head. Obsessing over unimportant matters and things you have no control over doesn’t do anything. It’s a waste of time and energy.

2. You become indecisive

Under calmer, more confident conditions, you would make a decision after careful consideration. But because you are in a weak state of mind, your ability to make and commit to decisions is weakened too. You start overthinking which brings about doubt, worry and fear. This only wastes your time and energy. Also a waste of time.

3. You blind and block yourself

With all that’s going on inside your head, your become a prisoner to your thoughts and behaviors that follow. You’re anxious, less confident and have no energy and willpower to see beyond your current circumstances. You are blinded by the blur in your mind. Being in a state of fear makes you build a wall and keep everything out for the fear of getting hurt more. Anything that comes your way is perceived as a threat and so you cannot see it for the opportunity that it really is. When you quiet the mind, you are free to choose a different perspective – where opportunities are endless and they’re all knocking on your door. If only you would open the door (to your mind).

4. Poor little pessimist

The saddest part of overthinking is that you allow every thought that passes through your mind to repeat itself, grow and become even bigger. No matter what your circumstances are, remember that the world is still a good place, there are good people and good things will happen to you. A part of getting out of your rut is to find your purpose – or remind yourself of it. Your purpose is very empowering. Whether it’s your career, your role in the family or doing your part to help out the animals, it’s a powerful way to get back on your feet and refocus your mind and energy.

5. You deserve to be happy

A little inner peace, a quiet mind, free of worries, fears, thoughts about the past, and meaningless thoughts never hurt anyone. In fact, it makes one very happy. You have to choose a side – happiness or heavy head? You can never have both at the same time. You can’t overthink your way to self love and an amazing life. Break down the barriers down inside your mind and allow yourself to be present and enjoy the moment. Allow yourself the freedom from the fog in your mind.

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