Keeping Calm in a Crises.

I wasn’t intending to put my two cents on the global pandemic on the internet just yet but everywhere I looked, everyone I talked to, people are looking for hope. This is a reminder that we are in this together.

There is a condition that has infected almost everyone since the WHO declared the world in a state of unrest. There is no denying the fear that lurks. It has gripped the world.

The outbreak of Covid_19 has people experiencing unnatural levels of stress and anxiety. In times like these, it is very important to stop ourselves from unravelling, get a grip and go on.

Here’s a list of 5 things to do immediately:

Be cool with the crises: Accept the current condition as it is right now.

There is a cloud of uncertainty hanging in the air right now but understand this – it is not what’s happening, it’s how you think, feel and respond to it. You can make a great difference to your life when you take responsibility for yourself, your mental health and do everything you need to make progress.

Be calm, compassionate and take care: Into lockdown and out of comfort zone. The restrictions put on the world knocked a lot of people off coarse. Our lifestyles were disturbed. But that’s okay because we’re great at adapting. Make this change work for you. Take on the challenge of proving that you can go on with life regardless of this giant curve ball. Playing the cool card about the crises is proof that your power lies within.

Our inner world is, was and will always be the key to success and happiness when taken care of.

This a time to self reflect and challenge our beliefs. There’s a silver lining. No doubt, the world is a scary place right now but you are not alone so build yourself up with good thoughts and kind words. Practicing self-care, noticing little things to be grateful for and praying are incredibly powerful to ground yourself.

Clean the mind, clear your space: When it comes to the mind, the key is mindfulness. To quiet the mind from panic-inducing thoughts, you have to pay attention. Watch your thoughts. Don’t listen to the bad ones. If you’re working from home, find a space that you can work from that is clear of junk, noise and distractions. Just like unwanted thoughts slow you down, so does clutter.

Cleanse the body: An advantage of being home, is the opportunity to take care of our bodies. How often do we run out of the house with an unhealthy snack just so we can miss the morning traffic and then look for the quickest and easiest meal at lunch – usually takeouts. This is extremely unhealthy and doesn’t allow us to perform well. Now we have the time to prepare healthier meals and eat well. There’s time for some exercise too. Whether it’s yoga, a 30 minute walk or climbing the stairs in the building. Keeping active helps the mind and body strong and disciplined.

Consumption: The thing that’s causing the most panic and stress and fear and anxiety is the news. Just like food, whatever information, images, news, self-talk, thoughts, feelings etc that you take in, will have an effect on your health – mental health. Research has shown that in times of crises, as people’s media exposure increases, so does their distress. Be careful with the nature of content you’re consuming. Watch the news, keep updated but don’t absorb it. It’s quite simple. When watching the news or reading the paper, focus on the number of recoveries. That is a pretty big number and it is growing everyday. Reduce your information intake. There is a lot of misinformation being forced on the population so it is best to stick to reliable sources and that too, very minimal.

When we take control of important areas such as these, it allows us a sense of purpose and brings about fulfillment. In times of such uncertainty, we should take extra care of ourselves. We are all we have but we are not alone. We will get through this. 


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